Andrea Bass

Self-Portrait on the Subway (2020)

Favorite Movies: 

Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story. Directed by Todd Haynes, who uses Barbies, Kens, and archival footage to tell us what happens. 

​Yellow Submarine. Directed by animation producer George Dunning. The ultimate 1960s ecosystem. 

Artist Statement: 

I take a slanted view of contemporary life. This is natural and logical.  I worked 20+ years as a corporate marketer, activating "hidden dramas" of supermarket brands.  

As dramaturge, with tabloid backdrops, I cast my invented characters, Barbies, Kens, and other icons into vignettes, to convey tropes of contemporary life. In graphic comic-book style, my fictional character/avatar Wretched Sister (WS) experiences life events as calamities, which "coincidentally" occur on the same dates as tabloid catastrophes, collapsing two unrelated incidents into one time-slot. The horror, bright visuals and deadpan text create incongruous adjacencies. In other words, I try to be amusing if possible.

Favorite Places:

Fire Island, NY. Beach towns with no cars near NYC.

Punta del Diablo, Uruguay. Rustic Latin American equivalent of Fire Island near Buenos Aires.

Telluride, Colorado. Spiral Staircase Blue Square Ski Run.
Cortina d'Ampezzio, Italy. Even if you don't ski.

A N D R E A   B A S S


Favorite Sayings:

I don't need to be the richest one in the cemetery.

The last minute is the best minute.​

​My immaturity keeps me young.

You can only have 2 out of 3: Good, Fast, Cheap.

Favorite Galleries: 

Favorite Books: 

​Satrapi. Persepolis. Black, white and moving graphic novel memoire about childhood in Iran during the Revolution.

Kathe Burkhart. The Double Standard. energizing yet depressing account of being a "girlfriend" to a cool "boyfriend."

Mary Shelley, Frankenstein. Look what she started when she entered a contest.

Muriel Sparks. The Driver's Seat. The movie is also an excellent indie starring Elizabeth Taylor, with Andy Warhol in a supporting role.

Favorite Artists

Kathe Burkhart -- Elizabeth Taylor to the nth degree.​

​Hilma af Klimt. Way---ayyy ahead of her time and even our time.

Paula Rego -- Female female.

anderonia? In the 1980s,

Time Warner Cable sent my mail to anderonia, so I took it as a sign.

Wretched Sister: Coincidental Calamities of the 1970s-2000s.

Glossy paperback zine (6.5X9), 24 pages, full color

Contact me to order. $20 including shipping to US.

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