Andrea Bass

Statement: My art conveys intersections of social media, tabloid, other-world, and nature, especially as manifested at the beach.

All living things activate in the presence of sand and water, day and night. The marvelous thing about beach is that the environment can simultaneously arouse a zen-like sense of calm, openness, joy, wonder, and creativity, but also maniacal fear of sharks, unbearable itchiness from jellyfish, and hair frizz.

I create uncanny scenes for viewers to stare at. This effort comes naturally, from my prior career as corporate marketer, where my job was to activate drama on supermarket shelves, with everyday consumer products as actors/convincers/companions to consumers.

When I spend time at the beach (mostly in car-free towns of Fire Island, NY), I bring colored pens and pencils to capture people, creatures, and things in that habitat. I then translate these drawings to acrylics and oil on canvas. I use glitter to create special lighting and 3D effects.

 I am attracted to human figures as I find them. I NEVER ask anyone to pose for me. I imagine the figures as I 'see' them: people flying, fish swimming through sand strata, stringy neon-pink hair, and landscape layers of bright colors.

A N D R E A   B A S S


anderonia? In the 1980s,

Time Warner Cable sent my mail to anderonia, so I took it as a sign.

Self-Portrait on the Subway (2020)