Andrea Bass

Green Nylon Forest Installation Video: Only in New York
Jealousy video

"Wretched Sister Installation Video" was exhibited at Galerie Mémoire De L'Avenir, Paris during February 2019 the group exhibition "La Femme du Futur."

​​KATTY, leading character of JEALOUSY, 

was granted a US Copyright in 2020.

Narrative video of nylon-covered life-size inflatables who communicate with a worker on the scaffolding outside the window. 


Tabletop model for Room-Size Installation


Pussy Hat Street Art Project

"In the time of Coronaville" stares at the global pandemic.

That is, I try to be funny, in a deadly serious situation. In this vein, Barbie is stands in for me and everyone else. Why? Barbie is the world’s most popular toy, ever. Before Barbie, toy companies sold “baby” dolls, forcing girls into the role of “mother.” As the iconic personification of all that women/people can do, Barbie can undertake any career: astronaut, veterinarian, flight attendant … after a change in clothes. But isn’t that a trait of all humans? We wear outfits to suit the occasion. In this video, Barbie narrates her inner pandemic-related feelings and experiences in a slide show video with intertitles, as in a silent movie. A piano solo of Stephen Foster's classic "Beautiful Dreamer" plays throughout.

(Official Selection: FLICKFAIR, Los Angeles)

"I'm Wearing a Crown for My Halloween Zoom Call" was included in: ART IN THE TIME OF CORONA™ | A Global Art Project 2021