Violent "Coincidences"

As interdisciplinary artist, I slant my view of contemporary life, making scenes for viewers to stare at, ​and I try to be amusing if possible.

(Ms.) Understandings of Feminism: Why Does Gloria Steinem Look Like Barbie?

All creatures activate in the presence of sand and water, day and night. 

Human companions since prehistoric times

Green Nylon Forest Installation Video: Only in New York

​​This is natural and logical: in my prior career, 

I worked 20+ years as a consumer marketer,

activating "hidden dramas" of supermarket shelves. 

I am drawn to multiple themes:

​​​​​​Green Nylon Forest Installation (2023) 

Inflatables, nylons, fabric, retail grids, binder clips. 80x80x80

My temporary studio space at Elizabeth Foundation for the Arts inspired me.

We "cover" ourselves in clumsy ways.