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Proposal for Santa Clarita, California Public Art 

​(Maintenance Covers)

October, 2019, colored pencils on archival paper,5x5 #judychicago #cooperunion​

Judy Chicago at Cooper Union

Self-Portrait on the Subway


Proposal for Critical Read  ​​

(2020, inkjet printing on archival canvas 16x20)

​Coronaville Kissing Couple 

Proposal for Coney Island Art Walls

Published in Ponder Savant, 2021​​​

(2020, colored pencils,12x9 on archival paper)​

​My art is a highly slanted view of contemporary life. ​​

Barbie, as stand-in for me and other humans, experiences the deep malaise of our pandemic. Why Barbie? As the world's most popular toy since the 1960s, Barbie advanced the playtime of girls. Despite some feminists' disdain for her curves, before 1959 there were only baby dolls, forcing girls into the role of mother. Barbie can undertake any career ...  after a change in clothes. 

Official Selection: FLICKFAIR, Pinewood Studios, London, 2021

​​​2021 Proposal for Coney Island Art Walls