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School shootings are a fact of daily life in the U.S.

Coronaville Kissing Couple 

(2020 colored pencils on archival paper, 12x9)

Published in Ponder Savant (2021)

Judy Chicago at Cooper Union 
(2019, colored pencils on archival paper, 5x5)
#judychicago #cooperunion​

​​  Wretched Sister Attacks Mother's Nurse (Redux)  2017,2022, 30x40x5 (var) digital printing on archival canvas, glitter, yarn, acrylic paint

Around 2014,


became a


for those 

who favor 


gun laws. 

I try to be amusing,

if possible,

​especially with brutal topics.

Snowflake Lesson in the Classroom (2020, 2022, 30x40, inkjet printing on canvas, glitter, acrylic paint)

Self-Portrait on the Subway

(2020, inkjet on canvas, 14x14)

I take a slanted view of contemporary life.