Wretched Sister in the Bath (2017, 30x40)

Wretched Sister Attacks Mother's Nurse (2017, 30x40),

​"LOVE/HATE" Local Project Gallery, LIC, NY

Snowflake Lesson (2019, 30x40, inkjet printing on archival canvas)

Lockdown drills for school shootings are now routine for American children.

"Snowflake" is a pejorative name for those who support gun control laws.

​One Barbie in Nylons

(2019, 14x11x11)

​3 Barbies in Nylons

(2018, 14x10x4)

Nylons are uncannily symbolic of constraints facing women. Pantyhose make it possible to wear skirts, but what  exactly, is being covered up?​​

Andrea at opening

Wretched Sister Installation Video

"La Femme du Futur"

Galerie Mémoire de l'Avenir, Paris (2019)​​

(photo credit Robert Vitkine)

Frat House Formal After-Party:

Dedicated to US Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh

(2019, 16x10x4)

Two Barbies in Nylons


​Wretched Sister Walks the Dog

(2019, 30x40, inkjet printing on archival canvas)

The cuter you are, the more likely you are to be attacked. 

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