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Wretched Sister in the Bath (2017, 30x40)

Wretched Sister Attacks Mother's Nurse (2017, 30x40),

​"LOVE/HATE" Local Project Gallery, LIC, NY

"Honneur, à la « Femme du futur"

Alexia Fayard

 4 mars 2019 

Who has never wondered about the future? The fate of the planet, the evolution or regression of the human species? How to deal with the inequalities of the sexes, with the perpetual violence that the female sex encounters? Galerie Mémoire de l'Avenir team wanted to highlight the Woman of the Future in an exceptional exhibition bringing together eight female artists from different horizons, each with its own unique universe. They imagined the woman of tomorrow through their art:


​New York artist Andrea Bass designed a projection accompanied by audio and text about Wretched Sister, recalling events like the kidnapping of Patty Hearst by terrorists in 1974 and the death of John Lennon in 1980. Done on purpose, these tragedies coincide with the character's everyday behaviors. Through her works, Andrea shows the still-current clichés that women face and the role the media plays in dealing with violence against women.



​3 Barbies in Nylons

(2018, 14x10x4)

Nylons are uncannily symbolic of constraints facing women. Pantyhose make it possible to wear skirts, but what  exactly, is being covered up?​​

Andrea at opening

Wretched Sister Installation Video

"La Femme du Futur"

Galerie Mémoire de l'Avenir, Paris (2019)​​

(photo credit Robert Vitkine)