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Wretched Sister Singing (2018) 30x40, inkjet printing on canvas, private collection.

Dog Bites Wretched Sister (2017) 30x40, inkjet printing on canvas.

 Wretched Sister

My fictional character “Wretched Sister,” experiences all life events as calamities, and these coincidentally occur on the same day as actual tabloid catastrophes. Wretched Sister was polygonally created via Photoshop and now takes the form of 30"x40" canvases, video, and zines. The coincidental dating of events ties into myths we create about specific holidays and memorials. The crudeness is a product of Wretched Sister’s immaturity, lack of morality, and need for extreme attention.

Wretched Sister (2017) inkjet printing on canvas, 40x30.

Wretched Sister Installation Video (3:05)

(2019) PRESS image to play ===>

Wretched Sister: Coincidental Calamities of the 1970s-2000s, glossy paperback zine (6.5X9), 24 pages, full color

Contact me to purchase a signed copy. $20 including shipping to US.

Wretched Sister Installation Video