All Hands on Deck

Location: 20 Catherine Slip & South Street, NYC

(2019, 50x288)

Snowflake Lesson in the Classroom 

(2019, 30x40)

Nylons are uncannily symbolic of constraints facing women. Pantyhose make it possible to wear skirts, but what  exactly, is being covered up?​​  (14x10x4) #Barbies

​1 Barbie in Nylons (2019)

​3 Barbies in Nylons (2018)

(NYC competition winner via Office of Manhattan Boro Pres Office and NYC Emergency Management, ​printing on vinyl for flood protection barriers) ​

This phrase originates from a nautical command to ship-crew to assemble on the main deck, especially in times of emergency. The art takes the seafaring expression literally, depicting diverse silhouettes of hands, including prosthetic, muscular, long-nailed, child, and adult working together to secure new flood barriers. #manhattanboropresident #nycemergencymanagement #allhandsondeck

Frat House Formal After-Party:

Dedicated to US Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh


(14x11x11) ​#Barbie

​Wretched Sister Walks the Dog  (2019, 30x40)

​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​

The cuteness of Koons' Magenta Ballon Dog illustrates a common defense by assaulters: "She was asking for it." (inkjet printing on archival canvas) 

#jeffkoons #balloondog #wretchedsister

Lockdown drills for school shootings are now routine for American children. "Snowflake" is a pejorative insult to those who support stricter gun control laws. (inkjet printing on archival canvas)

#snowflake  #lockdowndrills

(16x10x4) #Ken #BrettKavanaugh