Judy Chicago at Cooper Union, October, 2019

colored pencils on archival paper 5x5

​#judychicago #cooperunion

Lockdown drills for school shootings are now routine for American children. "Snowflake" is a pejorative insult to those who support stricter gun control laws. (inkjet printing on archival canvas)

#snowflake  #lockdowndrills

All Hands on Deck, Location: 20 Catherine Slip & South Street, NYC, 2019, 50x288)

Snowflake Lesson in the Classroom ​, 2019, 30x40

Nylons are uncannily symbolic of constraints facing women. Pantyhose make it possible to wear skirts, but what  exactly, is being covered up?​​  (14x10x4) #Barbies

​​ A N D R E A  B A S S 

​3 Barbies in Nylons, 14x11x11, (2018)

(NYC competition winner via Office of Manhattan Boro Pres Office and NYC Emergency Management, 

printing on vinyl for flood protection barriers) ​

This phrase originates from a nautical command to assemble, especially in times of emergency. The art takes the seafaring expression literally, depicting diverse silhouettes of hands, including prosthetic, muscular, long-nailed, child, and adult working together to secure new flood barriers. #manhattanboropresident #nycemergencymanagement #allhandsondeck

I Got a New Color TV 1 (2019)

colored pencils on archival paper 5x9

​Wretched Sister Walks the Dog  (2019, 30x40)

The cuteness of Koons' Magenta Ballon Dog illustrates a common defense by assaulters: "She was asking for it." (inkjet printing on archival canvas) 

#jeffkoons #balloondog #wretchedsister

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