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Artist Statement: 

Do Tabloid Headlines Control Everyday Life?
As dramaturge, with tabloid backdrops, I cast my invented characters, Barbies, Kens, and other icons into vignettes, to convey tropes of contemporary life. In graphic comic-book style, my fictional character/avatar Wretched Sister (WS) experiences life events as calamities, which "coincidentally" occur on the same dates as tabloid catastrophes, collapsing two unrelated incidents into one time-slot. The horror, bright visuals and deadpan text create incongruous adjacencies. In other words, I try to be amusing if possible.

A N D R E A   B A S S




anderonia? In the 1980s,

Time Warner Cable sent my mail to anderonia, so I took it as a sign.

Wretched Sister: Coincidental Calamities of the 1970s-2000s.

glossy paperback zine (6.5X9), 24 pages, full color

Contact me to order. $20 including shipping to US. Put Wretched Sister in the subject line.


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