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Gloria and Barbie ask Marilyn a few questions at their phone-in seance30x36, Inkjet printing on canvas, 2018

30x40 Inkjet printing on canvas, 2018.

Why does Gloria Steinem look like Barbie?

Barbies Hanging Out

​Barbies Hanging Out Gallery View Video (:15)

(2018) Press image to play ===>

Gloria Is the Real Barbie, 60x25  Barbies, Accessories, Inkjet printing on archival canvas, 2017.

Barbie and Gloria talk things over. 

Barbies Dream of Becoming Gloria Steinem, 14x11x4  Barbies, Accessories, Inkjet Printing, Cardboard, Duct Tape, ​2017.

What Were We Thinking? 14x11x4,  Barbies, Accessories, Nylons on Wood Frame, ​2019.

My childhood goddess until age eleven was Barbie, and I jumped to feminist Gloria Steinem at age seventeen. Decades later, after extreme exertion from “doing-it-all” in the form of corporate marketing jobs and intensive NYC parenting, I realized that Gloria and Barbie have a great deal in common. 

Barbie and Gloria are not dependent on partners or children for identity. Barbie revolutionized the way girls play with dolls. Before Barbie, the toy industry sold baby dolls, leading them to the role of "mother." Barbie can go anywhere, career-wise: flight attendant, pediatrician, executive. That is, after she changes clothes.