WRETCHED SISTER was granted a US Copyright in 2019.

Film by Andrea Bass (2018)

Pussy Hat Street Art Project
Wea(R)e Collaboration

The video captures my solo thesis show, "(Ms.) Understandings of Feminism" at The City College of New York in February, 2018.

Barbies Hanging Out Installation Video

Film by Gavin Tao (2018)


Barbies Hanging Out Installation Video

Film by Andrea Bass (2017)

Film by Emma Yi  (2016)


(2020 Concept for animation/cartoon character because about 80% of my life is my phone telling me what to do.)

Film by Andrea Bass (2019)

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"Wretched Sister Installation Video" was exhibited at Galerie Mémoire De L'Avenir, Paris during February 2019 the group exhibition "La Femme du Futur."

​​KATTY, leading character of "Jealousy" was granted a 

US Copyright in 2020.