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GLAD, empty pill capsules on plastic board 30x120, ​​​​​2017  ​​

​​All Hands on Deck

​2019, Banner Covering Flood Barriers near South Street Seaport. 

You lie

"You Lie!" 30x40 digital printing on archival canvas​ (2017)

Don’t Legislate on My Body (2022)
digital via Photoshop for billboard 22'8"x 10'5"

Arroyo Toad

​Rainbow Trout

​​​​2017 digital proposal for water safety icons

Aztec Sun Stone, c. 1520, National Anthropology Museum, Mexico City.

ART IS ESSENTIAL, "Critical Read" Entry (2021, digital)

inspired by Aztec Sun Stone

​​Endangered River-Life of Santa Clarita

​(2021, Digital Proposal for Santa Clarita, California Public Art ​​​​​

Official entry for an outdoor billboard to "SaveArtSpace: Vote for Abortion Rights" to convince state legislatures not to restrict abortion rights. Note that the polygonal shapes on the person's shorts are abstractions of a triangular female pubic area and rows of sitting state legislators.