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Using "ART IS ESSENTIAL" as centerpiece, bright art-elements emanate and interact with each other. The phrase "Art is Essential" inspired me to look at the design of the Aztec Sun Stone, created c 1520. The geometric quality of each object is evocative of the challenges one faces when working in stone, and is consistent with my own art practice, which conveys strong emotions in vivid geometric format.  My design represents contemporary art tools: cameras, paintbrushes, screens, music notation, masks, and pointy ballet slippers in a circular motif.

The ultra-bright colors on black background convey the illuminating quality of art itself. Even in our Internet Age, each human lives in their own limited ant-hill world. Art is essential because it provides us with an understanding of our own world and everything outside.

Scholars interpret the purpose and meaning of the Aztec Stone via many disciplinary lenses: astronomy, history, mythology, and natural science to name a few.  My own personal interpretation is that these MesoAmerican artist(s) distilled Aztec understanding of the entire universe into ONE durable work of art. After the Aztecs' defeat by the Spain in 1521, this massive stone was buried for over 200 years. After several relocations, its home is now The National Anthropology Museum In Mexico City, revealing the advanced knowledge, artistry, and sophistication of the Aztec people.

Employing MY favorite tools of humor and irony, the design reflects the centrality of art to the entire universe, along with the serendipity that happens when many elements cross-pollinate and combine.​

You lie

"You Lie!" 30x40 digital printing on archival canvas

"Adopte" 30x40 digital printing on archival canvas

Aztec Sun Stone, c. 1520, National Anthropology Museum, Mexico City.

ART IS ESSENTIAL, "Critical Read" Entry (2020, digital)

Art is Essential